Pension Transfer

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It is rare that someone works in the same job for the same employer and be a member of the same pension scheme during their entire working life. During this time, they may well accumulate a number of different pension plans which are often left unattended once they switch to a new plan.

The potential for growth of their pension funds could then be limited for a number of reasons. By reviewing and assessing each of these, there may be good reasons to consolidate them or there may be good reasons to leave them where they are. Either way it will be in your interests to have them reviewed by one of our specialists who can guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

Defined Benefit Transfers

This is a specialist area and Kippax Financial Services is regulated to provide advice to members of past and present final salary (Defined Benefit) pension schemes. Please contact us on 0113 2322320 for further information.